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Anglicanism Collapses -- Officially

Five years ago today, Pope Benedict XVI met with Archbishop Rowan Williams for evening prayer at Westminster Abbey in London. The meeting was more than ecumenical. Benedict was also on a pastoral mission to the Catholic bishops of the UK. He urged them, no commanded them, to accept with welcome the Anglicans entering the Catholic Church through the personal ordinariates he would soon create. Five years later, yesterday, Archbishop William's successor (Justin Welby), officially announced what is effectively the end of the worldwide Anglican Communion as we know it. Internal divisions over doctrinal matters have made any kind of cohesive religious union impossible on any kind of substantial doctrinal level. Instead, Archbishop Welby has summonsed all of the Anglican primates of the world together (whether officially united with Canterbury or not) to discuss the possibility of forming a 'new communion', based on lesser doctrinal standards. What he proposes is effectively a l…

Religious Persecution Comes to America

September 3, 2015 is a date that will live in infamy. It is the date that religious liberty died in America.

Today, Kim Davis, a county clerk in Rowan County Kentucky was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses after demands by homosexuals that she issue marriage licenses to them for a same-sex 'marriage'. Her lawyer stated she would not stand in the way of the county issuing marriage licenses without her name and signature on the document, however, current Kentucky law does not allow for that. Davis is an Apostolic Christian, which is a Trinitarian Pentecostal denomination, and she is a member of the Democratic Party. She was elected to the office of county clerk in 2014, defeating Republican candidate John Cox.

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning (who was raised Roman Catholic) found Davis to be in contempt of court, and said: 'Her good-faith belief is simply not a viable defence.' According to USA Today, Bunning's mother said her son does not agree w…