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Saving Europe -- and the World

In the wake of the horrible terrorist attack on Paris last week, we are just now beginning to see the repercussions. France has bombed ISIS targets in Syria. Nationalist protests are breaking out across Europe. Border fences are being erected in some countries. The European Union is gradually becoming defunct as nation-states move to protect their people from both the liberal immigration policies of Germany and the E.U., as well as the austerity policies of the same that are breaking the backs of small debt-laden countries like Greece. What we are witnessing is the slow death of the European Union and a return to nationalism in Europe. This is necessary, because the foundation the E.U. is built on is flawed, but it will be a painful transition to be sure. The recent terrorist attack on Paris has only accelerated this process.

Air strikes and military intervention against Islamic terrorism is only a temporary solution. It is a necessary step, but only a short-term fix. Deporting Musli…