Tuesday, June 06, 2017

'Catholicism for Protestants' is Going Out of Print

My first book, 'Catholicism for Protestants' is going out of print. It's going back to the drawing board, to be revamped, expanded and updated. When I'm done, it will be an entirely different book. This means the last printing has been approved, and when that batch is gone, it's gone, and it's not coming back in its present form. Depending on when the new book is published, there may possibly be a time when it will be entirely unavailable.

I'm giving my blog readers a heads up now, so you can order your copies before they're gone. Think of this book as a piece of history, for me personally. It is my first book, but it won't be my last. Get your copies now, before they're gone.

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Catholicism for Protestants is excellent at "levelling the playing field" between Catholics and aggressive (Evangelical) Protestants, who frequently question the legitimacy of the Catholic Church and Catholic beliefs. It's excellent for Protestants who just don't understand Catholicism, and its even better for Catholics looking to explain the faith more effectively. Portions of this book are already in use in various RCIA programs around the United States.

The book contains a NIHIL OBSTAT from Reverend Allan Saunders, Censor Librorum, and an IMPRIMATUR from the Most Reverend James V. Johnston, Jr., Bishop of Springfield - Cape Girardeau (now the Bishop of Kansas City - Saint Joseph).
"There are many books addressing the difference between Protestants and Catholics. Some are very detailed and cumbersome; others are too simple or not complete in their scope. Shane Schaetzel has provided us with a simple question and answer format that is both complete and thorough, but also simple and easily approachable. May it be used to reach many souls for Jesus and his Catholic Church."    -- Steve Ray: Catholic Apologist, Author, Film Producer, CatholicConvert.com 

"Shane Schaetzel has done a great service to Protestants and Catholics alike by presenting Catholic truth clearly and simply through a series of questions and answers."  -- Fr. Christopher Phillips, Catholic convert and priest, AtonementOnline.com 

"A great read!"  -- Michael Voris: Catholic Journalist, ChurchMilitant.com

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Anil Wang said...

Personally, I loved the book, but I would recommend a few improvements:

* Add a pithy short answer (no more than a sentence or two) to each answer and rename the current answer as "LONGER ANSWER". The short answer allows someone to skim the book, so even reluctant Protestants will give it a chance. It also allows Protestants to focus on the parts of Catholicism that they really have a beef with. For instance, for "Do Catholics believe in the Bible?" say something like "SHORT ANSWER: Of course. Catholics preserved the bible for 2000 years and our devotions and mass are saturated with the Bible."

* Add a Catechism/Bible reference for each question, after the "SHORT ANSWER" so that the reader can follow up with the Catechism and be assured that you're not just giving your opinions....you're giving official church teaching. This is important enough that it should not be relegated to footnotes. Note, they may not actually follow up the reference (e.g. how many references in the CCC have you followed up on?), but they fact that the reference is there adds credibility.

* Organize the questions parallel the structure of the Catechism. The CCC isn't that great as a catechism (personally I prefer the pithier Penny Catechism, even if it is incomplete, it's not a Catechism designed by a committee), but the CCC is complete and like the Penny Catechism, and Catechism of Trent follows a tried and true structure that's worthy of emulation. Besides making questions of concern easier to find, the structure will ensure you have something to say in each of the sections addressed by the Catechism.

Also, WRT Amazon book previews, I'd ensure that at least some of the questions/answers are visible in the preview without using "Surprise Me!". Currently, there is so much preface that the questions get cut off. For myself, I tend not to buy a book unless I can get a sample of how the author answers questions. I bought your books because I got a sample from your web site and liked how you responded. I didn't buy Devin Rose's book (despite liking the concept behind reductio ad absurdum) because all the answers seemed like they were trying to "seal the deal" (even if the answers were not complete) rather than enlighten the misguided.