A Catholic Guide to the Last Days

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in 2017...

A Catholic Guide to the Last Days is an excellent resource for understanding the historical and orthodox position of the Catholic Church on prophecies concerning the Last Days and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In under 300 pages, Shane Schaetzel lays out a practical theological, ecclesial and apologetic understanding of the Last Days from a Catholic perspective. Arranged in traditional chapter-book style, Schaetzel builds on one concept after another, to formulate a succinct overview of Last Days eschatology that will equip Catholics with a working knowledge of this topic. In addition, the book untangles the confusing web of Protestant eschatology, laying out a clear path for Catholics to refute common Protestant misunderstandings. The book continues with a short chapter-by-chapter commentary on the Book of Revelation, as well as a general overview of prophecies related to Church approved Marian apparitions and private revelation. It's a "must have" for any Catholic serious about understanding the times in which we live.