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Catholicism for Protestants is excellent at "levelling the playing field" between Catholics and aggressive (Evangelical) Protestants, who frequently question the legitimacy of the Catholic Church and Catholic beliefs. It's excellent for Protestants who just don't understand Catholicism, and its even better for Catholics looking to explain the faith more effectively. Portions of this book are already in use in various RCIA programs around the United States.

The book contains a NIHIL OBSTAT from Reverend Allan Saunders, Censor Librorum, and an IMPRIMATUR from the Most Reverend James V. Johnston, Jr., Bishop of Springfield - Cape Girardeau (now the Bishop of Kansas City - Saint Joseph).
"There are many books addressing the difference between Protestants and Catholics. Some are very detailed and cumbersome; others are too simple or not complete in their scope. Shane Schaetzel has provided us with a simple question and answer format that is both complete and thorough, but also simple and easily approachable. May it be used to reach many souls for Jesus and his Catholic Church."    -- Steve Ray: Catholic Apologist, Author, Film Producer, 

"Shane Schaetzel has done a great service to Protestants and Catholics alike by presenting Catholic truth clearly and simply through a series of questions and answers."  -- Fr. Christopher Phillips, Catholic convert and priest, 

"A great read!"  -- Michael Voris: Catholic Journalist,