Statement on Vatican II

The Second Vatican Council (Vatican II)
A.D. 1962 - 1965

To make the intentions of this blog crystal clear, the blogger now makes the following statement...

I, Shane Schaetzel, fully support the Second Vatican Council.  Since my conversion to the Catholic Church, in the year 2000, I have always supported it, and I have never stopped supporting it. I believe it to have been an ecumenical council of the entire Catholic Church that was primarily pastoral (as opposed to doctrinal) in nature, as stated by both Pope Paul VI and Pope Benedict XVI (read more here).  My own conversion to the Catholic Christian faith is a direct result of the fruit of this Council.  For it was not until AFTER I read the documents of Vatican II that I converted to Catholicism.  Of particular importance to my own conversion was the document entitled Unitatis Redintegratio - Decree on Ecumenism. I have always read Vatican II in the context of historic Church tradition, and continue to do so today, in what Pope Benedict XVI called the "hermeneutic of continuity."

I also support the reverent celebration of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite mass (Missal of Pope Paul VI) and believe it to be a fully valid and sanctifying liturgy of the Catholic Church.  I believe this to be one of two valid forms of the Roman Rite, which coexists alongside the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite mass (Missal of Saint Pius V), as stated by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.  I do not accept the claims of those who state the Ordinary Form mass is somehow invalid or "less efficacious" than the Extraordinary Form mass. They are both two forms of the same Roman Rite (read more here).

While I am an adherent to the Anglican Patrimony within the Roman Catholic Church, as practised in the Personal Ordinariates for Anglicans created by Pope Benedict XVI, this is in no way to be misconstrued as some kind of personal rejection of the Ordinary Form mass or the Second Vatican Council.  If anything, the exact opposite is true.  It is my acceptance and embrace of the Ordinary Form and Vatican II that make my embrace of the Anglican Patrimony inside the Catholic Church possible.  Essentially I am a traditional Catholic, but when I say that, I mean traditional in the sense of loving authentic traditional expressions of liturgy and the classical understanding of Church doctrine.  I am not one who attacks something just because it is "new."  It is possible to do "new" things in a very traditional way, and that is how I understand the proper celebration of the Ordinary Form mass. Granted, the Ordinary Form is a relatively "new" liturgy, but it has some very traditional elements and can be celebrated in a traditional way. I would like to see more priests take advantage of this. The same could be said of the Ordinariate liturgy, Divine Worship, which is in many ways more "new" than the Ordinary Form liturgy, especially to the Catholic Church, but nevertheless, it has many traditional elements, and can (and usually is) celebrated in a very traditional way.

While some of my readers may not agree with these statements above, please know, they are what make me who I am as a Catholic Christian.  I cannot imagine myself any other way, nor will I try.  If you have come to this blog looking to recruit another traditional Catholic blogger to the growing band of misguided radical-traditionalists (catholic fundamentalists) who reject Vatican II and the Ordinary Form mass, you are wasting your time with me. Please move on. However, if you have just come here to read my thoughts in a genuine spirit of curiosity, then I welcome you, regardless of your personal beliefs and perspectives.